MiCare Differentiators

  • 1Triple Redundancy: Voice/Mesh/Layered Backup
  • 2Self-Healing Network: Re-routing and self-forming
  • 3Self-Aware Network: Network recognizes new units
  • 4Environmental and Personal Monitors
  • 5Asset and Entity Tracking
  • 6Robust reporting and data analysis capabilities
  • 7Expansive network for full campus coverage
  • 8Unique identification and endpoint supervision


IC2 - Advanced Nurse Call Solution 

Best In Class Solution

  • MiCare Pull StationThe MiCare Pull Station is a wireless endpoint that connects to the MiCare main unit or beacon. The MiCare Pull Station features an emergency pull station, emergency button, staff assist button, a maintenance button and visual event indicator. The MiCare Pull Station provides for one additional input (Personal or Environmental monitor), is germ wipeable and broadcasts a device heartbeat to the main system.
  • MiCare BeaconUsed to compliment the MiCare main unit, the MiCare Beacon provides additional coverage with minimal installation. This reduces the need to tune the site and provides additional coverage in remote areas. The MiCare Beacon plugs into a standard wall outlet, connects with the mesh network and uses ultrasonic technology for positioning. The MiCare also broadcasts a device heartbeat signal to ensure the unit is communicating.
  • MiCare PendantThe MiCare pendant is a perfect addition to the MiCare main unit. The MiCare pendant allows for mobility and additional protection of resident and patients. Featuring: an easy to push button, event signal indicator, germ wipeable casing, device heartbeat broadcasting (to ensure unit is communicating) and water resistant casing.


MiCare Advanced Nurse Call Solution

The MiCare is the most feature-rich nurse call within our extensive product portfolio. Using the advanced Mesh Network coupled with Ultrasonic positioning, residents and patients are ensured the necessary care and security that is needed. Our MiCare Central Software application provides enhanced usability and mobility ensuring emergency notifications reach cell phones, smartphones, tablets, wireless phones, desktop computers, pagers, wall screens and telephones. Customizable features include resident check-in, medication profiling, enhanced rule engines, global and targeted programming, shift management, and a real-time emergency GUI with event dashboard.

MiCare Core Unit Features

  • > 4 supervised inputs (wired pull stations, environmental triggers, personal monitors, etc.)
  • > 4 dedicated outputs (dome lights, mag locks, etc.)
  • > Unit button (emergency, code blue, nurse-in, nurse-out, staff assist, maintenance, cancel, custom)
  • > Device heartbeat protected, low power back up, external power protection and line failure detection
  • > Two-way voice communication for situational assessment and awareness
  • > Unique identification with all units on network and associated peripherals
  • > No need for dedicated common area units, all MiCare units are considered to be common
  • > Enhanced scope and type of coverage using MiCare Beacons, ZF3's, Pull Stations and Pendants
  • > Centralized programming from our Central Software using global or targeted configurations

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