Does your nurse call reach Smartphone's and Tablet's?

From speech integration to web-based notification of emergency events, MiCare allows mobility without compromising safety and security.



Tailored Solution

MiCare provides the ability to customize and tailor solutions to the needs of specific facilities and users.

  • > Shift management features
  • > Customizable buttons on various devices
  • > 4 inputs/outputs on main unit for additional coverage
  • > Customizable rules engine and assignments
  • > Common area and campus expansion capabilities
  • > Endpoint supervision and device heartbeat monitoring

MiCare Solution

Introducing MiCare from Mircom Technologies Ltd. MiCare is an advanced, nurse call solution that couples mesh networking technology with ultrasonic signaling to accurately identify and respond to emergency events. With its built-in telephony communication module, MiCare provides two-way voice communication in conjunction with a wireless network, enhancing the quality of the response through situational assessment and awareness.

  • Central Software
    MiCare Central Software is the brains of the solution, providing real-time notifications, portability to Smartphone's, resident check-in capabilities, medication profiling, global and customizable rules, emergency dashboards and reporting.
  • MiCare Main Unit
    The MiCare Nurse Call Unit is driven by an integrated mesh network and ultrasonic signaling technology. The unit is easy to install with no proprietary wiring or infrastructure requirements. Program the unit from our Central Software or at the station itself. 
  • Integrated Peripherals
    To ensure the safety and security of all stakeholders, peripheral devices which utilize our mesh network and ultrasonic signaling technology are available . These include: pendants, wired and wireless pull stations, call cords, environmental monitors (temperature, flood, smoke, etc) and personal monitors (toilet flush check-in, resident check-in, etc).

    More Features

The flexibility and feature set of MiCare make it a premium nurse call solution, ensuring your residents are protected while considering the operational efficiencies of your facility.

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