IC2 Mesh Network




Mesh Network Overview

Self-Healing Network: Wireless mesh networking allows all devices on the network to communicate with each other directly, eliminating any single point of failure. If one unit should fail or lose power, other units within the proximity of the event will take over the emergency notification task.

Self-Aware Network: Using the integrated Mesh Network, the MiCare will be able to communicate by “hopping” from one unit to another until reaching the central station. As each unit is installed the network becomes self-aware of the unit and the unit begins communicating with all devices within its proximity. This makes installation quick, simple and verifiable.

Expansive Network: The unique identifying pendant and associated peripherals will use the same protocol allowing for communication with any MiCare Unit or Beacon in the facility. Wireless mesh networking enhances the integration into the PBX by adding many features and additional survivability to the MiCare solution.

Integrated Network: The nature of a Mesh Network allows for total integration with all recognizable devices and endpoints. Each device and endpoint shares the same protocol and communication link to our Central Software. The Central Software uses the Mesh Network to collect events, fire rules and provide system-wide visibility.

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